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Contemporary Romance

Falling For Mr. Wright

Protective alpha billionaire meets shy contemporary dancer in this spicy, slow-burn, billionaire-who-spoils, touch-her-and-you-die,romance.

Previously published as Wicked Dance, Falling For Mr. Wright is the first book in Olivia Boothe’s popular steamy contemporary duet.


After my high school sweetheart up and leaves me one day without a single explanation, I vow never to let myself love another man. I’ve managed to keep that promise for the last four years—that is, until I inadvertently fall into the arms of New York City’s most eligible bachelor, and now my whole world is flipped upside down. Tom Wright is everything I don’t need in my life, but Heaven above, he’s everything I never knew I wanted. The man is intoxicating, and I can’t seem to resist the way he looks at me or the way his touch makes me feel alive again. But one dark secret could ruin everything, and I don’t know if I’m prepared to endure that kind of pain all over again.

My life is pretty simple. I work hard and I party even harder. I own New York City’s most reputable real estate agency, catering to the filthy rich and notoriously famous. There’s no shortage of beautiful women willing to share my bed, though everyone knows I have one golden rule: No commitments. Ever. But when Sara Hart unexpectedly falls into my life, something about her timid smile and gorgeous brown eyes makes me want to throw the damn rule book out the window. Every time she’s near, my blood spikes with a raging fire I can’t contain. So, when my shadowed past resurfaces, unearthing ghosts I’d rather remain buried, I’m forced to make a decision that may cost me the only woman I’ve ever truly loved. And that’s a price I’m not ready to pay.


Content/Trigger Warnings: For audiences 18 years+, explicit sexual scenes, war veteran, PTSD, depression, mention of death, grief, mention of substance use, foul language, depictions of sexual assault (not gratuitous and not by the hero), workplace harassment (not by the hero), some physical violence.